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Review of the big bad P6 Black Extreme, Cellucor’s muscle building skills put to the test

Review of Cellucor's muscle builder P6 Black Extreme

After running the big bad P6 Black Extreme from Cellucor for it’s suggested amount of time we have here today for readers our review of the testosterone booster. Back when it launched, actually even after it’s initial mention. The supplement gathered a lot of hype, based on the original P6 Black and the brand’s major presence in the market today. After seeing the formula, watching it hit shelves for $80 a bottle, and the limited edition promoted product go on sale through almost every retailer worth knowing. We really wanted this supplement to work. Nothing is more sweet than seeing a product turn out as good as it claims. In the case of Cellucor’s P6 Black Extreme, it carries the biggest price in the muscle building category, and to top it off it had to follow in the footsteps of the original P6 Black. All hype, research, ingredients, and claims aside, we have here today our review of the supplement’s performance.

As mentioned above we wanted P6 Black Extreme to perform, unfortunately for us it did not. Despite all it’s impressive features and interesting complexes. We didn’t see anything more than the results we’d experienced in DAA heavy testosterone boosters. Which at our end really only boosts calorie intake, offering up the opportunity to add on fat and fractions of muscle rather rapidly. Getting back to PBE, because of it’s cost it not only needed to take the cake in regards to gains, both lean and bulk. But absolutely destroy it’s competition. If it had performed on par with one of our favorite’s say Anatropin, it still wouldn’t have been that highly rated. Aside from it’s regular specials and 50% coupon code. Cellucor set the retail value of the product at an extremely high $80. In some stores it was seen under the $70 mark, however with it’s maximum dose of 6 capsules a day. Two bottles worth $160, were needed to see it’s full effects. For our review we ran both scenarios, one person on 6 capsules a day for a month, and one on 3 a day for a month. No matter which user we talked to, the results were disappointingly the same.

Cellucor didn’t manage to deliver this time, although they are in no way worth counting out. PBE didn’t perform, but we need only to look at their pre-workout effort Volt from Neon Sport to see that they are very capable of a successful supplement. For the price we paid and surely everyone else, we really expected more, in fact a helluva a lot more. The effects of DAA are worth pursuing for some, however for us we were looking for the classic results in strength, enhanced recovery, and muscle gains. Sadly coming home with none of the above puts us in the position to say your money will be better spent elsewhere.

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