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The eight pill pack for athletes Vita-Stax, Rival Us venture into the multivitamin market

Rival Us new multi-vitamin Vita-Stax

Rival Us have been teasing a formula over the past few days, which has turned out to be the brand’s first entry into the multivitamin market. The new supplement titled Vita-Stax, has gone the way of the pack, delivering three different complexes carried across 8 pills. Compared to other prepacked vitamins, Rival’s latest effort isn’t the most competitive product. However the brand do have their fans, a group who should have no problem welcoming a multivitamin into their stack. Moving on to the contents of Vita-Stax, making up it’s trio of blends is the Micronutrient Complex, consisting of a series of vitamins and minerals. The Recovery and Anti-Catabolic Complex, consisting of glutamine, BCAAs, black tea, and OKG, and lastly the Mental Focus and Performance Complex, consisting of taurine, gingko, red ginseng, GABA, and tyrosine. Each box of the supplement comes packed with 30 packs, enough to see you through for the regular span of a month. As for the product’s retail value, fans should expect to see Vita-Stax in stores for roughly 60 to $80.

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