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Muscle builder Anabol-X replaced by Diabolica, Scitec Nutrition upgrade another supplement

Scitec Nutrition Anabol-X replacement Diabolica

Scitec Nutrition have continued their release consistency from 2012 into this year with a number of new products including DAA Pro, the Muscle Army series, and plenty of branded accessories. The latest innovation to join Scitec’s range of supplements is the muscle builder Diabolica. The product is very much like it’s chromed out relative DAA Pro, as it is set to replace one of the brand’s current formulas Anabol-X. Diabolica’s predecessor originally carried a total of three ingredients, HICA, l-leucine, and HMB with an overall weight of 3000mg. The updated formula now packs 7 features, with 2 ingredients from the original, l-leucine and HMB, and the other 5 included to boost it’s effects, vitamin B6, spinacia oleracea, isoleucine, fenugreek, and the trademarked BioPerine. You can check out the complete facts panel of Diabolica below with all it’s label transparency, and look out for the supplement at your local Scitec Nutrition stockist soon.

Scitec Nutrition Diabolica facts panel
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