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Launch sale gets you Novem & Dialene for $24, Scivation and NutraPlanet weight loss release

NutraPlanet launch Scivation's Dialene with an incredible sale

Scivation’s new fat burning supplement Dialene is already starting to show up in retailers despite it only being announced about 6 weeks ago. The price most stockists are carrying the weight loss product for is about $35. However if you’re looking for a bargain, as with most supplement releases, there is one company throwing an awesome launch special. The retailer you need to visit if you want to get your hands on Scivation’s latest for a steal is NutraPlanet. As well as just uploading the product individually for $34.99, the team have also put online a deal for one full size bottle of Dialene and a 30 stick pack box of the pre-workout Novem, for $24. Not only is that more than $10 discount on the fat burner, but you get a free 30 serving variety set of a supplement that may not be around for much longer. You can find the bundle online at NutraPlanet now, and be sure to act quickly as it is only available for a limited time.

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