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New website brings with it a new supplement, Scivation announce Xtend Endurance

Scivation get a new website and Xtend Endurance

While Scivation’s production department are working away at getting their reformulated pre-workout Psycho fit for shelves. The brand have put together a completely new website showcasing the company and it’s supplements the way they should be. The updated theme is in no way anything like the previous one, with a refreshing layout, hand picked font, clear product pages, and overall just a better design. As an added bonus, a brand new supplement has also surfaced alongside the much appreciated site upgrade. Only recently were fans treated to the announcement of the fat burner Dialene and two more Xtend flavors, which are both about to be joined by Xtend Endurance. At the moment there is almost no information on the product, however we can confirm that it will contain 7g of BCAAs, and to separate itself from the regular version, a carbohydrate matrix. You can check out the new website online now, and expect to see a few more details on the upcoming Xtend Endurance soon.

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