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New unflavored Primocarb set for the Olympia, Beast go exploring with their latest supplement

Beast Sports new carbohydrate supplement Primocarb

Beast Sports have already made a number of big moves this year with their rebranding and multiple reformulations. On top of all that they managed to slip out a entirely new supplement, the estrogen modulator E-Liminate. Following on from that glimpse of innovation Beast have confirmed another new product set for release in time for the Olympia. The supplement is titled Primocarb, and is intending to be the company’s entry into the carbohydrate marketplace. While they have yet to reveal it’s facts panel, it’s packaging highlights get the message across. Primocarb is an unflavored powder coming in a 2.6lb bag, with 42 servings weighing in at 28g a scoop, each delivering 25g of high performance carbs. Coming from a brand who have a relatively limited line up, not competing in categories too diverse. It is a nice surprise to see Beast Sports dipping their toes into a more uncommon arena.

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