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There’s a lot more where that came from, enough Pump Igniter to last until the Olympia

Free tubs of Top Secret Nutrition's pre-workout Pump Igniter

At the beginning of the week we announced our very exciting Pump Igniter giveaways that we will be running thanks to the kind people over at Top Secret Nutrition. While we have no intention of stopping that promotion or decreasing it’s consistency in any way. We are happy to confirm that the bottles we are giving are in fact 14 serving trial tubs of the pre-workout, not the 8 serving variants we originally mentioned. Furthermore we have been given more than enough to see the promotion last up until the Olympia, and though it may be a tough job to keep up with. We will be doing our best to get as many of the Pump Igniter bottles out as we can. So be sure to stay hooked into our Facebook page to enter. To round out the update, Top Secret have preemptively launched the pre-workout supplement through It was expected that the product would go live on Monday, however 14 serve cherry limeade tubs of the formula are in stock today. Keep in mind it is only the one variant, with the other sizes and flavors looking to join the $18 Pump Igniter over the next few weeks.

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