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HOS hormone system now featuring Eztrodim, Scitec Nutrition finally get to their box set

Scitec Nutrition update their well presented HOS system

Scitec Nutrition have been making a number of changes to their supplement range right from the beginning of the year. We’ve seen formula updates, title transitions, a new series with the Muscle Army line, and now a reorganizing of the HOS stack. The box set was, and still is one of the most well packaged combinations to date, serving up a trio of products in D-Test, Anabol-X, and Estro-Dim. Recently Scitec were forced to reorganize the neatly dressed HOS pack due to the reformulating and renaming of it’s contents. We already saw two of the items D-Test and Anabol-X, be transformed into DAA-Pro and Diabolica, with the third product Estro-Dim only just making the move by taking on the name Eztrodim. Compared to it’s predecessor the formula has received a rather large upgrade going from it’s two calcium forms to a new six ingredient complex. You can check out the HOS system, it’s full description, and it’s currently exclusive supplement Eztrodim, online now through Scitec Nutrition’s official website.

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