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Pure PF3 launched through %1ers club, MAN Sports protein powder arrives with discount

MAN Sports launch their protein replacement Pure PF3

MAN Sport’s highly anticipated breakthrough Pure-PF3 has finally arrived. While it is uncertain as to how long it will take before retailers start stocking the supplement. The product has been made available to the brand’s insiders %1ers club. The deal MAN have launched the unique formula with is a two piece stack of Pure-PF3 and their exceptional pre-workout Game Day for $48. Based on that price, despite being a release sale, we’re going to put the 50 serving bottle’s market value somewhere between 30 and $40. Which actually when compared to your average protein powders is right on the money. If you were one of those who unfortunately did not sign up for the MAN Sport’s exclusive club. You will need to wait for that unknown mainstream launch date, but we do have an extract from Pure-PF3’s description that should keep you interested until then.

Here’s what we’ve done – we’ve created a safe, highly effective protein that delivers a super dose of Bio-Active Value. Called Pure PF3, this protein is manufactured and processed in a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art $25 million facility that doesn’t produce anything other than Pure PF3. The scientific method for manufacturing, isolating, and concentrating bio-active growth factors and peptide protein fractions to a safe measurable powder in Pure PF3 is the first of its kind. In fact, the unique, compounded, patent-pending processing of Pure PF3™ is a major reason why it is rapidly absorbed, non-bloating, and ideal to regenerate lean tissue.

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