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Two potential Muscle Milk Gainer exclusives, Cytosport get creative with salty caramel

Two new flavors for Cytosport's mass formula Muscle Milk Gainer

Late last year Cytosport debuted a new product for their flagship range in Muscle Milk Gainer. The supplement was designed to be the complete opposite of Muscle Milk Light by taking on the form of a mass protein formula carrying 32g of protein, 100g+ of carbohydrates, 9g of fat, and 650 calories per 4 scoop serving. At it’s time of launch and still in some stores today Muscle Milk Gainer is available in four flavors, chocolate, cookies & cream, strawberry, and vanilla creme. When we say in some stores, that is because two retailers have popped up recently with options not seen anywhere else.

The first variant graham cracker, a taste borrowed from the regular Muscle Milk and on sale at GNC. The second variant salty caramel, is a bit more unique and can only be found at the Vitamin Shoppe. Despite having no confirmation from Cytosport directly, it would be good to assume both graham cracker and salty caramel are exclusive to their respective stockists. Unfortunately both stores sell Muscle Milk Gainer a bit more than others, so if you are interested in trying either of the rare flavors it will come at a cost.

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