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Nitrate Assault three stick variety pack, Muscle Pharm start spreading their promo sampler

New Muscle Pharm Nitrate Assault variety box

Muscle Pharm’s new Nitrate Assault landed in almost two weeks ago with a buy 2 get 1 free deal. The launch special helped push the supplement up the ladder, and take the retailer’s number 1 spot on the overall rankings. Aside from it’s success through the brand’s favorite customer,

Muscle Pharm have managed to drop a new variant of the product.

While the reformulated Assault already had enough options on it’s plate with three sizes, 20, 30, and 50 serving, and seven flavors, one looking to be an exclusive. The self proclaimed athlete’s company have released a three stick variety pack. A form that the brand used with the previous Assault at events and expos, but not widely distributed to make use of it’s convenient size.

The special little box packs a trio flavors which for the Nitrate edition is fruit punch, raspberry lemonade, and pineapple mango. Not every stockist is showing up with the sampler, so you may have to go hunting if Muscle Pharm’s more commonly available 20 serving is too much of an investment.

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