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Phase8 now available in 4 serving trial size tubs, Muscletech give back to their popular protein

Muscletech's new trial size tub of Phase8

It’s no secret that Muscletech’s mainstream protein powder Phase8 has been doing well. After the brand launched their buy one get one sale through, the specials have spread in to other retailers and altogether turned the supplement

into a house hold name.

Presumably due to the success of the product Muscletech have added more flavors to Phase8’s menu, and now released another size of the protein powder. Joining the 2 and 4.4lb tubs is the new 4 serving trial size. At the moment the 168g variant only appears to be available in chocolate and vanilla, with no confirmation of whether peanut butter chocolate, cookies, or strawberry will come on board in the near future.

As for it’s price, the Phase8 sampler is justified at $10, however it may be a little pricey for something intended to lure fans away from their current formulas.

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