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Muscle & Strength gets the new Psycho, Scivation’s pre-workout down from 49 to $29

Scivation release their new pre-workout Psycho through Muscle & Strength

Just a few short days after the highly anticipated pre-workout supplement Psycho went on sale through Scivation’s official website. One of the brand’s stockist has uploaded the product with as predicted, a price far better than that of the direct cost. The hottest place now to go to get the latest pre-workout formula is Muscle & Strength. Not only are they one of the first retailers to appear with the supplement, but they are selling it for $29. A whole $20 cheaper than the amount Scivation were asking for direct. There is no bonus from the store with Psycho, other than what we already stated in it being $29. If you do choose to buy from Muscle & Strength you will have the option of ragin’ punch or apple asylum, in the 306g tub providing 60 scoops, or 20 maximum servings. Muscle & Strength do have the product in stock now, so once the order is done Psycho will be on it’s way.

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