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Four supplements confirmed as on their way, American Muscle continue to expand and excite

American Muscle announce four upcoming supplements

The idea of four new supplements from any company is exciting to hear, let alone from American Muscle. The last we heard from the company in regards to the upcoming products was when they had only confirmed one, which at the time did not have it’s name revealed or any sort of a hint at it’s contents intentions. Today however, not only do we have news that there are a total of four formulas coming this way, but we have their titles and categories as well. First up is Karbine, American Muscle’s unflavored venture into the world of carbohydrate complexes. Next we have Maintain and Oceanfuel, a fat burner and EFA blend, both previously previewed on the brand’s website as coming soon. With the fourth and final supplement of today beautifully named Show Off, a product attempting to dominate the pump division of the competitive pre-workout arena. To round out the update American Muscle have given an expected release date, which may not be the deadline for all the new supplements, but just in time for Christmas on December 1st.

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