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Adiplex Energy followed by Adiplex Burn, Bio-Sport USA get back into burning fat

Bio-Sport announce their next new supplement Adiplex Burn

One of last year’s Olympia exhibitor’s Bio-Sport USA, have been putting in a large amount of effort right from the beginning of the year. Their constant climb has seen them launch a number of new supplements with basic formulas such as CLA, Multi, and BCAA Max. As well as two complex products, the pre-workout Forza Max, and the weight loss supplement Adiplex Energy. To keep their fans interested, Bio-Sport are looking to branch out from the last product on that list of five, with Adiplex Burn. Like Adiplex Energy, the next release from the brand is going to be a fat burning formula, with a point of difference hopefully lying somewhere in it’s ingredients. Fortunately the current Adiplex isn’t overly packed, so Bio-Sport do have plenty of other features to choose from to avoid any crossovers.

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