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Heat GC combining two of today’s most popular, EPIQ finally put together a new supplement

EPIQ's new weight loss supplement Heat GC

EPIQ, the supplement company produced by the makers of Muscletech, launched their athlete driven brand earlier in the year through a number of exclusive retailers. The range came prepared to fight with not just your essential products, but everything in between. They hit the ground running with seven supplements, including some of your more uncommon formulas such as

an isolate protein and a muscle hardening product.

It seems that now after six months, and the introduction of a handful of bonus sizes and flavors. The producers of the line have decided to reward the spin off brand’s hard work with a new supplement. EPIQ’s latest formula Heat GC, attempts to maintain their original slogan of game changing, by packing only four ingredients. Two of which are about as popular as caffeine in today’s market, green coffee bean and garcinia cambogia. And make up the majority of the product, with the first one of those two being the inspiration behind the supplement’s title.

To see the full facts panel of EPIQ’s new caffeine free weight loss product Heat GC. You can check it out at GNC, as it has yet to be uploaded to the brand’s official website, but is detailed and purchasable from the exclusive stockist.

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