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Mystery supplement looking like a new Epiq Isolate

epiq isolate

Back in August the bright orange brand Epiq released a teaser featuring a mystery supplement with the line “New look, new formula, new gains.” Based on that we figured the new product was going to be a rebranded and reformulated version of a current supplement, which it looks like we can now pretty much confirm. Today a follow up teaser has been released where we see a title for the once mystery product, reading Epiq Isolate.

That is of course one of the brand’s current supplements, and as you can see in the image above it has been rebranded with the same theme as the likes of Epiq Slash and Quad Test. With the big mystery seemingly solved, there is just one more important part left to be revealed. The brand did say the product would be coming with a new formula, which is all that we’re now waiting on for the updated Epiq Isolate.

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