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Custom seal tight meal containers previewed, Fitmark accessory calls out Six Pack Fitness

Fitmark using Six Pack Fitness like meal management containers

With more and more updates coming each week from Fitmark about their exciting new meal management bags. This weeks update reveals something all to familiar. We already mentioned the battle the brand are about to enter into, as they are the first company take on Six Pack Fitness at their own game. The reason we mention this in relation to this week’s announcement, is because if it wasn’t an obvious conflict of products after the reveal of the brand’s Box bags. It is definitely noticeable with the latest upload of Fitmark’s meal management containers. The company’s custom seal tight lunchboxes not only use the same locking mechanisms as Six Pack’s containers, but the same color rubbers from around the lid . Whether or not it was the innovative brand’s intention to create something with the similarity is unknown. All we can say is that it is a bold move, by not only stepping into the backyard of Six Pack Bags. But coloring their meal boxes with what could be called the signature Six Pack theme.

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