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Unknown but well presented Excalibur, Medi Evil fat burner making it’s way across the UK

New Medi Evil weight loss supplement Excalibur

One of the more popular weight loss supplements that originated in the UK, is Grenade’s fat burner Thermo Detonator. Joining the hit product, coming from the same region is Medi Evil’s one and only supplement, Excalibur. Unfortunately unlike the well known Grenade, the relatively new weight loss product is no where near as well packed with only a handful of classic ingredients such as caffeine, guarana, carnitine, and green tea. However the thing that puts Excalibur on level with Thermo Detonator is the supplement’s packaging. You only need to look at the picture above to know exactly what we’re talking about. With Medi Evil wrapping the fat burning complex in a uniquely shaped bottle, individually branded capsules, and a custom box dressed up all the way from the patterned inside to the glossy outside. As mentioned earlier the awesomely presented product is a UK made formula and has yet to break out of the area. Despite it’s small distribution to find out more on the weight loss supplement visit the Medi Evil’s Excalibur website, or if you are in the UK check out your local nutrition store.

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