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Gluta-Tren’s follow up formula Gluta-Blast, Promera reveal their new recovery supplement

Promera Sports announce one of their upcoming products Gluta Blast

We already mentioned yesterday that Promera Sports had been working on a number of things, one of which we have here today to talk about, Gluta-Blast. The supplement is as obvious as it’s name with the intention of being the brand’s recovery complex, a position currently being maintained by Gluta-Tren.

Despite their name and possible content similarities, Gluta-Blast is not going to take over Tren’s place in the range. Although from what we can see so far there does seem to be some minor differences between the two. The major variation being Gluta-Tren’s overall tub weight of 329g, compared to the new Gluta-Blast weighing it at only 228g. Which if you spread across it’s 60 servings, results in each scoop coming in at 3.8g. A size that we believe is an entry level amount, one that could possibly be increased to three, equaling Tren’s current offering of 20 servings.

Other than the volumes of the tub of scoop, the only details we have left are the two we are going to leave you with, Gluta-Blast’s flavors blue raspberry and mandarin.

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