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Fourstar Protein menu welcomes four more, Scitec Nutrition get creative after pear Pow3rd

Scitec Nutrition produce four new flavors for Fourstar Protein

With more updates than some brands would do in a half a decade, Scitec Nutrition filled the first half of their year with reformulations, new supplements, name changes, and even a completely new series. Of all the announcements, the area Scitec visited the least would have to be the flavoring department. Up until now the most action we saw with menus was with the pre-workout Pow3rd and it’s power pear. We say up until now because the brand have gone ahead and actually doubled the amount of options for their protein powder, Fourstar Protein. Previously the product was available in four tastes, strawberry white chocolate, french vanilla, strawberry cream, and milk chocolate. Joining those four are orange maracuja, quark yogurt, tropical mix, and raspberry vanilla yogurt. Thanks to the new creative variants, Fourstar fans now have an impressive range of eight flavors to choose from, with the opportunity to get their hands on them very soon.

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