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Stack3d @ the 2013 Olympia Expo, BSN show off Isoburn and confirm their new DNA Series

Stack3d at the Olympia with BSN Glycolast Isoburn and the DNA Series

One of the biggest surprises from the Olympia Expo has come from BSN. They were quite frequent at the start of the year, and then died down a few months later. With most of their early releases being supporters products and few supplements. Today however news has dropped on a mass of upcoming items. As well as the now confirmed carbohydrate blend Glycolast, and the new fat burning isolate protein Isoburn. With the latter being launched at the Olympia, and Glyco still on it’s way. BSN have dropped word a commodity line called the DNA Series. The range is expected to be a collection of seven supplements, all using a basic ingredient as it’s center, with a few added features to hopefully increase it’s desired effect. The first one from the series is going to be Creatine DNA, with things like glutamine, carnitine, and fish oil to follow.

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