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Stack3d @ the 2013 Olympia, VPX Sports rebranding and the individual formula mTORC1

Stack3d at the Olympia Expo with VPX Sports

With a lot of brands bringing nothing or maybe one new thing to the Olympia Expo. VPX Sports have come with more news than you might see from them in the average month. Almost everyone of their banners is showing off their current products redressed in the new royal blue and white V themed packaging. On top of that we have two more things to mention, first up due to the changing of labels it appears that VPX’s Zero Impact bar has been retitled ZI. Secondly we have a slightly bigger announcement that ropes in the pre-workout Shotgun, and an individual supplement called mTORC1. While we can not confirm what is in the seemingly updated Shotgun, mTORC1 is VPX Sport’s patented creatyl-l-leucine peptide, which is going to be produced as an individual formula in powder form, using it’s number one feature as it’s name. You may also recognize it’s name as the brand have used the ingredient in two of their recent releases, CREmTOR and the RTD Amino Rush, and now an upgraded Shotgun. We were not able to get an estimated time of arrival for any of the items or modifications coming. Although with mTORC1 and a rebranded Medivin, on show and in the flesh. We can’t imagine these updates being too far away.

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