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Pre-workout Rage sequel confirmed as Rage XL, Animal Pak announce their next new formula

Animal Pak confirm a sequel to their pre-workout Animal Rage XL

With new pre-workout supplements coming out almost every week as of late. Universal’s Animal Pak have come out to join the competitive category with a new product they are calling Animal Rage XL. The formula is set to be a sequel to their original energizer Animal Rage, and has so far had no more than it’s face uploaded. Fortunately within that image is the supplement’s bottle weight of 151g, which if that is in fact the full size version’s volume. Animal fans are more than likely to be in for a rather different experience, as it is less than half the current formula’s tub size. Another thing we believe is worth pointing out is that Rage XL has literally come out of no where. Every one, if not all of the brand’s past releases have been beta tested before hitting shelves, or receiving any sort of announcement. Leading us to believe that one of the few pre-workouts we actually adore, may have been upgraded due to the increasing competition. Regardless of it’s inspiration and how it turns out, we are more than excited to see Animal return to category, a week out from the Olympia Expo.

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