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Fat burner Body Shred launched down under, Body War Nutrition release their first product

Body War Nutrition's new weight loss supplement Body Shred

Body War Nutrition is an up and coming new brand with one supplement currently on their list, Body Shred. The weight loss product is set to launch in a number of Australian retailers with a local price of about 60 or so bucks. Despite the harsh regulations in the area, the company have managed to pack in a variety of ingredients. With a ten plus complex featuring things like caffeine, raspberry ketones, hordenine, garcinia cambogia, and african mango. As for flavors, Body War have not tied down Shred to the cliche fruit punch or blue raspberry, producing their fat burner in pineapple crush. For those looking to purchase the supplement, the brand have confirmed a small group of stores stocking it at first, with many more set to join in the coming months. We are going to leave you with Body Shred’s facts panel, which doesn’t carry the usual layout, but does list all of it’s contents in the ingredients section.

Body War Nutrition Body Shred facts panel
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