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Breakdown image of the upcoming Box bags, Fitmark ask how many deals do you pack?

Breakdown of the two new Fitmark meal bags the Box and the Box LG

The last time we heard from Fitmark was in regards to the pre-order date for their three new meal management bags, the Box, the Box LG, and the Pac. To celebrate the coming release and get even more of an interest in the products, we have been handed some breakdown images for two of the three innovative items, the Box and the Box LG. As you can see in the picture above Fitmark have taken a classic chiller bag approach, giving their Box designs dual access through the top and the front. With a simple divider separating the bag into two compartments, one for the seal-tight containers, and the other for things like snacks, food, and the custom branded SmartShaker. At the back of the bag Fitmark have left room for their TSA approved cool packs, with the top featuring a slot fitted for cutlery, and finally at the front a small pouch for everything else. To round out the update and leave those interested with a bit more information than before. The one thing that separates the Box and the Box LG is as expected size. With the LG edition designed to fit four seal-tight containers, as opposed to the two the regular version has been produced to hold. Everything else is the same, leaving Box buyers with one question, how many meals do you pack?

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