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Ration Pack expected to hit America this year, Grenade’s multi-vitamin definitely on it’s way

Grenade's Ration Pack set to arrive in America

Earlier in the year Grenade released a number of new supplements with the muscle builder AT4, creatine formula Engage, unique snack Reload: Protein Flapjacks, and the uniquely presented multi-vitamin Ration Pack. Unfortunately of the four products launched, the brand have yet to even hint at any of them hitting the American market. With that being said, at the Olympia Expo over the weekend Grenade confirmed the arrival of their pre-workout formula .50 Caliber for the U.S. Much to our surprise they were also kind enough to let us know that the vitamin Ration Pack is more than on it’s way. As for changes to the supplement to actually make it in to America. The brand have said they will pass on the modifications they may or may not have made as we get closer Ration Pack’s arrival. Despite the short and sweet description, we will finish the update with the two pieces of information we could get. One, that the product is expected to have a complex not in the current version. And two, that it will not be produced in the blister packs that made the original so attractive.

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