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Lipo 6 Unlimited gets flavored & reformulated, Nutrex looking to reach fans all over the world

Nutrex release their flavored versions of Lipo 6 Unlimited

A few weeks ago news came out that Nutrex were beginning to spread internationally friendly versions of their chromed out fat burner Lipo 6 Unlimited. Following on from that, the recently rearranged brand have announced the production of another variant for the stimulating weight loss supplement. This time around not only have they edited the contents, but they have also flavored the product. Set to hit shelves around the world is a powder edition of Nutrex’s Lipo 6 Unlimited, in two tastes fruit punch and green apple. As for the contents of the drinkable fat burners, the brand have removed three ingredients, yohimbine, dendrobium, and mucuna pruriens. Making the two flavored supplements much more acceptable for distributors outside of the US. To round out the update, Nutrex have confirmed that the new Lipo 6 Unlimited variant will only be available in one place for those looking for the product in America. That one place being the brand’s official website, which is selling both powder products for $54.95 each.

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