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Digital Guide To Fat-Burning Training, Scitec Nutrition continue giving back to their fans

Scitec Nutrition's Guide To Fat-Burning Training

One of the more helpful companies out there is the European brand Scitec Nutrition. We introduced them first with their high end multi-vitamin formula Monster 100, now called Monster Pak. Along with their well packed pre-workouts Hot Blood, Big Bang, and Pow3rd. The news from Scitec today sees them continue to help inform their fans a little more then they already do, with yet another digital publication, A Guide To Fat-Burning Training. The extensive read includes articles covering essential nutrients, calorie calculations, healthy foods, training methods, and suggested supplement stacks from Scitec sponsored athletes Joe Donelly, Scott Dorn, Toldi Zsuzsi, and the beautiful Kelly Boone. If you would like to check out the guide yourself, you can find it on Scitec Nutrition’s official website. Where you can also choose to download it in PDF form which features a few more images and product placements.

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