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OxyElite Pro linked to liver failure and acute hepatitis, USP Labs pull their fat burner from domestic distribution

USP Labs reported to be linked to liver failure and acute hepatits

Just when all things seemed to be getting back to normal at USP Labs after the loss of the original pre-workout supplement Jack3d. The brand have come under fire with a number of news sources reporting that their fat burner OxyElite Pro has been linked to some serious side effects. Hawaii health officials have come out with cases connecting the weight loss product to liver failure and acute hepatitis in 29 people. The State’s Health Department have also reported two people undergoing liver transplants and one fatality. While everything is still under investigation, USP are pulling domestic distribution of all variants of OxyElite, purple top, Super Thermogenic capsule, and Super Thermogenic powder. The move has been almost immediate as two of the brand’s major stockists, and GNC, are no longer listing the supplement on their websites. If you would like to read a little more on the topic and it’s surroundings check out CNN’s report.

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