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Fanatyx BCAA formula Saturate on it’s way, Genomyx looking to squeeze in one more

Genomyx reveal their next new supplement the BCAA Saturate

Rounding out a year that has seen plenty of supplement releases from Genomyx with the likes of Decimate Amplified, the re-entry of the original Slin Sane, the pre-workout Evol. The Basyx series, and the one product that has still yet to be launched, the fish sourced protein powder FishPRO. The brand are looking to possibly squeeze in one more supplement, the flavored BCAA formula Saturate. Currently the product is only at it’s coming soon stage, however there are some details we can confirm such as it’s BCAA ratio of 2:1:1, one flavor in blue razz, a bottle size of 30 servings, and the inclusion of some sort of an anti-cortisol feature. As for Saturate’s estimated time of arrival, Genomyx have unfortunately not given any indication to a date or month. Although based on what we have seen from the brand in the past going from preview to release. The new supplement is looking more than likely to be an early 2014 item, as opposed to a 2013.

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