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Stack3d’s Protein Wars: Round 3, fights 1 – 4

Round three of Stack3d's firs ever Protein Wars

Round two of our first ever Protein Wars is complete, with more than it’s fair share of ups and downs. While most of the fights stayed pretty much the same from day one, Ronnie Coleman’s contest with Oh Yeah was the battle to watch. Pro-Antium was down for the majority of the week and then pulled through with a 67 to 33% victory. Other results from round two were Muscletech’s Phase8 beating Monster Protein 69 to 31%. One of the favorites Cellucor’s Cor-Whey drowning out AllMax Isoflex 81 to 19%. And BSN’s long time formula Syntha-6 taking it to Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech 68 to 32%. Up this week is the second to last round before we head into quarter finals with Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard against MuscleMeds Carnivor. Battle of the wheys Dymatize Elite Whey versus Universal Ultra Whey. European brand Scitec and their 100% Whey taking on iForce Nutrition’s Isotean. And last but not least AI Sport’s No Whey battling Nutrabolics Isobolic. You will find the links to this week’s polls below, with Sunday the 17th being the cut off date at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Optimum Gold Standard Vs. MuscleMeds Carnivor

Universal Ultra Whey Vs. Dymatize Elite Whey

Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Vs. iForce Nutrition Isotean

AI Sports No Whey Vs. Nutrabolics Isbolic

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