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Quick Night Recovery follow up E-Sterone, Scitec Nutrition keep the releases coming

Scitec Nutrition's new ecdysterone supplement E-Sterone

Despite only being a handful of days out from the release of the new supplement Night Recovery P.M. Pak. Scitec Nutrition are back at it again with another new product in E-Sterone. The European company’s latest is an ecdysterone formula combining the power of vitamin B6 along with three other ingredients, folic acid, BioPerine, and spinacia oleracea extract. As for E-Sterone’s form, Scitec have wrapped the supplement’s contents up in a three capsule serving, working out to be 36 servings in each 108 count box. If you would like to find out more on E-Sterone you can check out Scitec Nutrition’s one paragraph description on the product’s official page. Otherwise look out for the new black and green themed supplement at your local stockist sometime over the next few weeks.

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