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New product tees and swimwear collection, VPX focus goes from supplements to merchandise

VPX Sports produce two new product tees and a bikini collection

After releasing their fair share of new supplements in and around the Olympia Expo with CREmTOR, mTORC1, and the premixed Amino Rush. VPX Sports have turned to their apparel department with a number of new additions for both and women. Now available along side

the brand’s many unique clothing items are two tees, one promoting the RTD Bang and the other the pre-workout Friction, and something we have only seen from one other company, a swimwear collection. The dedicated women’s bikini line features three different pieces, each in two different colors, with three sizes to choose from, small, medium, or large. All of the products are in stock now and ready to order through VPX’s official website. With those interested in the swimwear, know that the brand have marked each of the six items with an extended shipping time of one to two weeks.

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