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Cannibal Ferox gets a second flavor confirmed, Chaos & Pain change both taste and appearance

Chaos and Pain confirm a few updates for Cannibal Ferox

After the launch of Chaos and Pain’s packed pre-workout supplement Cannibal Ferox, as well as the equally well built fat burner Cannibal Inferno. The extremely unique company released an apology for the unfortunate flavoring that their now ex-manufacturer put on the powder product Ferox. Customer comments more than showed how much of a mess the taste really was. Which as a customer dedicated company Chaos immediately reacted to, and not only moved on to a new manufacturer. But have now confirmed two flavors for Cannibal Ferox once it comes back in to stock in and around the 25th of December. The first option is a redesigned lemon lime titled lemon ice, with the second variant watermelon, officially moving the pre-workout’s menu up to a total of two. To top it off Chaos and Pain have also uploaded a preview of a new label layout they intend on using, that should help distance the upcoming reflavored Ferox from it’s original run.

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