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Muscular endurance enhancing formula Endurate, Genomyx confirm six new supplements coming soon

Genomyx reveal their upcoming endurance formula Endurate

Genomyx, the company recently acquired by the fast growing Lecheek Nutrition. Have followed up on their promise of more developments, with the announcement of a brand new endurance based supplement, appropriately titled Endurate. So far Genomyx have only uploaded an image of the product confirming just two details including one flavor blue ice, and a total of 30 servings per tub. While the news of Endurate is definitely exciting, Genomyx have revealed something even more interesting, with word that the new supplement is in fact one of six new formulas coming down the pipeline. To round out the update we will leave you with the three effects Genomyx are promoting for Endurate, muscular output, muscular endurance, and muscle fullness.

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