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Second flavor for Evol confirmed as razonade, Genomyx set to release updated pre-workout

Genomyx confirm razonade for Evol and confirm next week for it's arrival

Genomyx’s pre-workout Evol has been on the market some time now. Long enough in fact that another new supplement has been released, as well as three more confirmed. Among the vast amount of updates and announcements dropped in the past month, Genomyx also mentioned that there would be a few developments coming to the energizing Evol. This included an upgrade to it’s formula, which is expected to see the pre-workout get a little extra AMP Citrate. The other area the brand promised some action was in the flavor department with a second option now revealed to be razonade. The raspberry titled taste will be available along side Evol’s original fruit punch next week, and will be packing that added dose of AMP Citrate. Genomyx have not said what store will be getting the stock first, however keep your eyes on Nutraplanet as they are the go to launch store.

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