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Two piece weight loss supplement ThyroTwin, Giant Sports return to the fat burning category

Giant Sports upcoming fat burner ThyroTwin

Following on from yesterday’s review of Giant Sport’s one of a kind pre-workout supplement Metabolic Bioshock. The previously three product brand have revealed a fourth formula, that sees them head back into the category they already have a competitive presence in. The upcoming item is titled ThyroTwin, and is set to join Dexamine in the well populated weight loss market. Of course the two supplements are not going to go head to head, as Giant have developed their latest product with a point of difference delivered by two ingredients. ThyroTwin’s two features, which are the inspiration behind the supplement’s name, are 3,5-diiiodo-l-thyronine and 3,3′-diiiodo-l-thyronine, both transparently dosed at 175mcg and 25mcg. As for their effects, combined they are said to deliver a thermogenic experience that will help “maximize daily caloric burn, even when you are at rest“, along with increased energy production. While the claims are strong, we have no reason to doubt them, as out of all three Giant Sport’s products we have yet to see one fail to deliver. As for the availability of the new ThyroTwin, it is expected to be on it’s way out soon. Although until then, we will leave you with the supplement’s straightforward facts panel listed below.

Giant Sports ThyroTwin facts panel
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