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Mass protein Mass Gainz coming to America, iForce Nutrition confirm three new products

iForce Nutrition bringing their mass protein Mass Gainz to America

Mass Gainz is iForce Nutrition’s mass protein formula that is currently only available throughout Europe. The brand however are looking to change things up a bit and bring the supplement to America sometime next year. At the moment all three flavors of the product are expected to be carried over to the U.S., chocolate truffle, strawberry creamsicle, and vanilla cupcake batter. With the only thing looking likely to change being the packaging, going from a bucket to the traditional bag. To make today’s news even more interesting, iForce have not only confirmed the coming of their weight gainer to America. But have also mentioned that there are three other supplements on the way, a pre-workout, fat burner, and post-workout recovery formula. For now the categories are all we have, although for the soon to be released Mass Gainz you can check out the European edition on iForce Nutrition’s website. Which we can only assume is similar if not identical to the formula coming to the U.S.

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