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AMP prefixed weight loss formula AMPilean, Lecheek Nutrition confirm another new product

Lecheek Nutrition confirm another new supplement AMPilean

Despite all the action going on with Lecheek Nutrition’s recent acquisition Genomyx. The brand have in no way forgotten about their own line of supplements. We have seen plenty of new things from the team with two flavors for Speed X3, the focus formula AMPitropin, and now another new item somewhat following on from their focus formula, AMPilean. The fat burner has been teased for about a week with blackened images and guess invoking giveaways, with no real hint at what it would be until today’s complete reveal. Despite AMPilean’s image being released there is not much information available for the product, aside from it’s bottle count of 60 capsules, with each pill confirmed to pack 649mg of weight loss ingredients. Fortunately we won’t have to wait long for a full breakdown of the supplement’s contents, as Lecheek have said we can look forward to all that next week. As for AMPilean’s launch, on top of everything else the brand have going on, the product has been given an efficient time frame of early next year.

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