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Peaches and cream followed by orange slice, Lecheek Nutrition confirm another for Speed X3

Lecheek Nutrition produce another flavor for Speed X3 with orange slice

For all those loyal followers that appreciated Lecheek Nutrition’s efforts in the production of a fifth flavor for their award winning pre-workout, Speed X3. The brand have now confirmed a sixth option for the supplement, that unlike peaches and cream does not appear to be an exclusive. While Lecheek’s recent addition can only be purchased from the online retailer Supplement Central, Speed X3’s new orange slice has been confirmed to be hitting multiple stockists over the next few weeks. Whether that means the variant is bound for 2013 or 2014, fans of the brand have no reason to be disappointed. With two exciting releases also on the calender of “coming soon”, the reformulated intra-workout Intratest, and the product Lecheek Nutrition have already put up for a giveaway, the focus formula AMPitropin. Getting back on topic, if you do want to be one of the first in for orange slice Speed X3. NutraPlanet would be one of the places to keep an eye on as they tend to be quick stockists of Lecheek’s latest. Alternatively follow us on Facebook and we will try to link in the first sighting of the flavor.

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