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Second sequel supplement Multi Pro Plus, Scitec Nutrition release another for December

Scitec Nutrition's latest sequel supplement Multi Pro Plus

Following the reveal and release of the sequel supplement we saw back on Tuesday, the upgraded Arthroxon Plus. The European company Scitec Nutrition, have now dropped another product carrying the “Plus” suffix, the multi-vitamin formula Multi Pro Plus. Compared to the Arthroxon update and the small modifications the brand made to that, Multi Pro has almost been completely remade. That being said, the joint complex was originally only a six piece supplement, where as the prepacked vitamin is a 30 feature formula. In which Scitec have made numerous changes to with the loss and gain of a few ingredients, and more than enough dosing edits in things like vitamin C getting 250mg more, niacin being halved to 50mg, and calcium going up from 650 to 700mg. The list of alterations may be relatively long but they are all rather small, and Multi Pro Plus has managed to hold on to a lot of it’s signature features like the unchanged 1.2g of fish oil and 1.2g of soy lecithin, as well as the strong amount of vitamin C at 1.5g. Like with all Scitec Nutrition’s launches the upgraded Multi Pro’s product page is online now listing all it’s new details. Which also usually means the supplement is available to stockists, so it should be showing up in stores soon.

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