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Review of the sequel supplement Rage XL, Animal Pak’s updated pre-workout put to the test

Animal Rage XL is Animal Pak’s sequel to their hit pre-workout by the same sort of name, Animal Rage. The brand already mentioned that they tried to maintain the quality of the original, but really make an effort in the flavor department. Regardless of where the flavor attention inspiration came from, apple jacked, orange juiced, and slaughter melon, were all dropped for the XL update and replaced by grape of wrath, lemon slayed, and mango unchained. In today’s review of the pre-workout we will go over the taste of the variant we put to the test. But more importantly the experience of Animal Rage XL and how it compares to the heavy competition Animal face in one of the most popular supplement categories.

The first area we are going to cover is the the flavor of the product we tried, grape of wrath. While it isn’t the most delicious thing you will put away, it does certainly come in as one of the best tasting pre-workouts we have tried. More so when compared to the original, which we experienced in both apple jacked and slaughter melon, and can honestly say Animal Pak have done a much better job with XL. Grape of wrath does still have that tang to it, like the previous version of the pre-workout. However it is without the sour after taste and lingering bitterness.

Moving on from the flavoring of Rage XL to it’s performance, as far as experience, effects, and results go. Animal Pak have done as promised, and kept everything that made the original so popular. As well as improve on certain areas.

One of the key features in Animal’s first pre-workout is it’s focus, mind effect, and attitude adjustment. Those three combined with the energy and intensity the supplement provides, the formula really turns you into as it’s title states, Rage. It’s not necessarily an aggressive mood or anything like that, it just makes you aggressive with your workouts, and drastically increases one’s drive for more weight, more pain, more results. That signature experience as we mentioned has been carried over to Animal Rage XL, but with a few touch ups. All of the mind and mental effects we believe are exactly the same, with the big changes coming to the energy and intensity areas.

Instead of having a balls to the wall hit that you feel right from the get go. XL for us comes in slowly, comfortably, and seamlessly. Resulting in a smooth level of energy that gives you just enough to fuel a workout, high or low intensity, and bring you down so calmly you almost don’t notice that the energy has faded. As for what we feel to be an enhanced dose of intensity, Rage XL provides like the improved shot of energy, a much calmer and more relaxed sensation. You still get the performance boost and quick recovery periods in between sets that the intensity effect brings, however you don’t feel pushed or rushed to perform. Some pre-workouts make you want to go, go, go, and while you may get a hint of that in Animal Rage XL. It’s not at a rapid rate, it’s an intensity that interestingly enough plays off the focus amplification and mental modifiers, and replaces that experience of the first version’s Rage mode. With what we can best describe as a controlled rage, an experience you won’t lose yourself in, and that unlike some you can perform with and won’t feel overrun by.

If we were to put a number to it, compared to Animal Pak’s previous pre-workout formula. The updates and improvements probably sit at around 1 or 2 out of 5. Not a great leap, but enough to notice a difference and make Rage XL deserving of a sequel title. The only issue some may have with the reformulated product is it’s loss in value. Despite the original costing a little bit more per bottle, it does pack a powerful 44 servings, with one being the maximum. XL on the other hand only comes with 30 servings, with two being the maximum as well as the amount we needed to get the experience we have described. Business is business, and some may look at this as a rip off against the regular Animal Rage. But you do need to keep in mind that the regular edition, was and for now still is priced well beyond it’s competition.

In the end the supplement is no doubt an improvement on the last. Animal Pak have done their fans justice and delivered something worth making a fuss about. The cost difference is a bit upsetting, however for some the modifications the brand have made to the effects mentioned, may make it worth the extra price per serving. For us, we are a bit on the fence about paying almost double the cost for the slight changes. But again the original is blessed when it comes to value, and compared to it’s competition rather than it’s predecessor, Rage XL is well priced. It is worth mentioning that the previous formula is beginning to disappear from most retailers, so Rage addicts will need to make up their minds soon on whether to stock up or get used to the evolution. We will say the product is something you should try, especially if you have yet to experience the rage rush. It may not be a supplement we rank among the greats, but it is most certainly one of the few that falls in to the category of unique pre-workouts.

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