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Jackson’s Pre-Workout 1.0 available for pre-order, Infinite Labs change the look of Blade Nutrition once more

Blade Nutrition now taking pre-order for Pre-Workout 1.0

Dexter Jackson recently previewed his upcoming supplement line produced by Infinite Labs, proving that the range was more ready than ever. Today the spin off series has gone from pictures and previews to actually launching, with pre-ordering now available for Jackson’s energizing formula Pre-Workout 1.0. To get in early and secure a bottle of the product you will need to submit your interest through Blade’s new website, with a cost of about $39.99. The arrival of the new website has also brought confirmation of two other supplements for Dexter and his line with L-Glutamine 1.0 and Creapure, two presumed individual ingredient products. Despite all the images past and present, and even the page for Pre-Workout 1.0, no contents details have been revealed for any of Blade Nutrition’s formulas. However the new online presence has confirmed what appears to be the final look for Infinite’s ever changing series, that has seen two other looks since it’s original announcement.