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Rebranded Blade Nutrition previewed without the Blade

blade nutrition

The last time we saw anything new from Infinite Labs’, Dexter Jackson brand Blade Nutrition, was way back in February of last year. It was around that time that information on each of the line’s supplements was released, from the complex formulas Pre-Workout and Fat Burner 1.0 to the individuals CreaPure and L-Glutamine. While we don’t exactly know what Blade has been doing for the past year or so, it now appears that it is getting ready for a relaunch.

An image of a rebranded Blade Nutrition line up has surfaced, where we also see a number of different products. By the looks of things Infinite Labs has changed Blade to a more basic brand, as in the preview basic supplements are now all we see. The more interesting fact is that Blade is no longer being promoted alongside the athlete that inspired it, Dexter Jackson, something that can be seen on the brand’s Facebook page and temporarily down website.

Based on the odd variety of details available, as mentioned earlier it does look like Blade Nutrition is about to be relaunched. Judging by the pictures released it will be doing so with a slightly different combination of products, and quite possibly no connection to the Blade, Dexter Jackson. At this point we do definitely have more questions than answers, although do expect Infinite Labs to be clearing things up follow its rebrand preview.

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