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Blade Nutrition relaunched without Dexter Jackson

blade nutrition

Blade Nutrition recently released an image, hinting at a big relaunch for the originally Dexter Jackson inspired brand brought to you by Infinite Labs. The picture featured a rebranded line of supplements, an all new logo, but most interesting of all there was no sign of the Blade Dexter Jackson. The brand has now gone and relaunched itself updating its website and reintroducing five products, BCAA Power, Whey Protein, L-Glutamine, Creatine and Test Booster.

As great as it is to see Blade Nutrition follow through on what we expected it to, the mystery still remains, where is the Blade? We did message Infinite Labs and Blade Nutrition on social media, then sent the question to the referred customer service email, however we have still yet to get an official answer. Our guess at this point is that Dexter Jackson is no longer involved, which was thought from the beginning we just can’t confirm it at the moment.

While it is strange to see Blade Nutrition without Dexter Jackson, kind of like Gifted without Phil Heath or Cutler without Jay Cutler. You can read all about the brand and see more of its relaunched supplements at the very looking

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