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Dashing Tote gets follow up limited edition, Fitmark introduce a third with purple wine

Fitmark produce another limited edition colorway

Last week the fitness and sports enthusiast bag innovators Fitmark released a limited edition version of their popular, and our favorite product, the Velocity. Fans were introduced to a third colorway featuring a steel gray base with blue accents. The brand have now carried the limited edition idea across to one of their other items, the women’s Dashing Tote. Previously Fitmark had only two themes available for the ‘little number’ in black and honeysuckle poly. Joining those two is purple wine, a color combination of purple as the main attraction, and a beige brown for the straps, edges, zips, and logo. For those fans interested, the special edition Dashing Tote won’t cost you any more than the usual colorways at $169. And unlike the steel gray Velocity, purple wine does not come with an additional 10 day wait before shipping.

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