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Pre-workout officially titled Nuclear X, handful of details revealed for new MET-Rx formula

Handful of details confirmed for MET-Rx new pre-workout Nuclear X

Last week we all got somewhat of a preview of MET-Rx’s upcoming pre-workout supplement. At the time we couldn’t confirm much of anything, however we now have some details of what is officially titled Nuclear X. Starting off with it’s options, the product is set to launch in two flavors, citrus surge and radioactive punch, with a tub size of 480g.

As for the few contents we know of, the pre-workout does in fact have the previously mentioned 400mg of caffeine per two scoop serving. Along with a massive 4.8g of CarnoSyn beta alanine, and an unlisted dose of agmatine sulfate. For now that is all we have, keeping the supplement short on details, but just enough to give us an idea of the direction MET-Rx are going with for Nuclear X.

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