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Eighth Lean Whey Revolution coming soon, Muscle Sport follow up on Cardio Burn release

Muscle Sport set to introduce an eighth flavor for Lean Whey

Following the pre-release of their weight loss supplement Cardio Burn, and the full release of the weight gaining supplement Mass Revolution. Is set to come another flavor for Muscle Sport’s protein powder Lean Whey Revolution. The product is currently available in the usual two sizes 2 and 5lb, with a spread of seven flavors, banana, chocolate, cookies & cream, french vanilla, mixed berry, oatmeal cookie, and chocolate peanut butter. Unfortunately Muscle Sport have not yet said just what the taste joining the menu is going to be, although based on the options listed it’s not likely to be anything common. The classic five are already in production in banana, mixed berry, chocolate, vanilla, and cookies, really only leaving room for a more uncommon taste along the lines of Lean Whey’s oatmeal cookie.

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