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Oh Yeah’s pre-workout formula revealed, Tiger Fitness Rush launch date been and gone

Oh Yeah Nutrition reveal the formula behind their new pre-workout Rush

Oh Yeah Nutrition have been teasing their upcoming pre-workout Rush for about three months now. The last news we got on the supplement was with Tiger Fitness’s pre-order opportunity. That revealed the formula’s three flavors, fruit punch, watermelon, and tropical orange, as well as it’s retail price of $32. While there is still no official release date for Rush, aside from the missed 31st of December listed at Tiger Fitness. Oh Yeah have revealed the pre-trainer’s facts panel, making up for the lengthy launch of the product. The brand have kept the formula pretty straightforward with a five piece proprietary blend, as well as 1mg of vitamin B12. Rush’s main complex weighs in at 7g featuring Carnosyn, Creapure, tyrosine, agmatine sulfate, and the only one of the five transparently dosed, caffeine at 150mg. You can check out the facts panel for yourself below, and hopefully following this development expect to see Oh Yeah Nutrition’s pre-workout in stores soon.

Oh Yeah Nutrition Rush facts panel
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